EIN SCHÖNER ORT / A GOOD PLACE next screenings

11.05.2024 Köln – Lichtspiele Kalk
14.05.2024 Köln – Lichtspiele Kalk
15.05.2024 Köln – Lichtspiele Kalk
29.05.2024 Sibiu – ESTE FILM Festival
02.06.2024 Sibiu – ESTE FILM Festival
30.06.2024 Berlin – Filmrauschpalast

EIN SCHÖNER ORT / A GOOD PLACE past screenings

29.05.2024 ESTE FILM Festival
07.04.2024 Lincoln Center – New Directors/New Films New York
04.04.2024 MoMA – New Directors/New Films New York
23.01.2024 Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken
02.12.2023 Kinofest Lünen
12.11.2023 ZINEBI Bilbao
11.11.2023 Transit Filmfestival Regensburg
22.10.2023 Film Festival Cologne
01.10.2023 Filmfest Hamburg
21.09.2023 Bucharest International Film Festival
09.08.2023 premiere at Locarno Film Festival as part of the Concorso Cineasti del presente

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The chickens are suspicious, the relationships are dubious and businesses are shady. Margarita and Goodness are stuck in their stagnant and unhealthy rural village. But they can‘t decide whether to leave the place or to change it. Meanwhile people are disappearing, the radio is sending messages and the world is awaiting the launch of the space shuttle Columba that will take humans to the edge of the solar system for the first time in history. "But out there is nothing" says someone at the dinner table. Nevertheless this progress inspires a slow path towards recognizing the fences and daring to look beyond them.

108 min / directed by Katharina Huber / with the support of Film und Medienstiftung NRW

Mit Clara Schwinning, Céline de Gennaro, Jannik Mioducki, Maria Lorenzen, Jamal Albashaan, Julian Sark, Andreas Schneiders, Meryem Erkus, Voodoo Jürgens, Nicole Wegner, Leonard Harms, Simon Steinhorst, Julia Suermondt, Dolunay Gördüm, Mik Quantius, Andreas Oestern

Bildgestaltung: Jesse Mazuch und Carmen Rivadeneira; Buch, Produktion, Regie, Schnitt: Katharina Huber; Produktionsleitung: Inga Morawski und Nicole Wegner; Kamera Assistenz: Daphne Klein; Szenenbild: Mayte Hellenthal und Nik Hellenthal; Ton: Björn Castillano und Matthew McDonald-Bates; Licht: Tim Schuback, Fabian Rieke; Maske: Aneta Graniger; Kostümbild: Michela Tarallo, Justina Zabloskyte; Tongestaltung: Michał Krajczok, Katharina Huber; Musik: Chris Pitsiokos, Federico Perotti